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Sustainability Through Decarbonization

Efforts by governments, companies, organizations, and individuals to create a more sustainable world are diverse, wide-ranging, and vital. The mission of ENGIE Impact is to make sustainability happen today — and we do that by addressing the pressing decarbonization needs of the world’s largest organizations. By tackling the toughest, global decarbonization challenges, we can work to mitigate some of the greatest climate change risks.

Accelerating Decarbonization Together

Wherever you are today, wherever you're going next, your corporate decarbonization journey is unique. The challenge ahead requires a vision and a plan — and extensive data to make sense of it all — and we are committed to sharing the journey with you.

ENGIE Impact knows the way forward. Continuous progress requires building a deep, strategic partnership where we challenge and advise, take shared ownership of your goals, and co-create roadmaps that deliver real outcomes. We embrace accountability and collaboration to help make your carbon-reduction commitments a reality. 

We don't just plan. We anticipate the road ahead and navigate it together, to take your decarbonization goals from strategy to reality.

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Our Work

The corporate decarbonization journeys of the world’s largest companies are often the most complex, involve vast supply chain networks, and require collaborative partnerships with local and regional governments. That’s why we focus on partnering with global, complex companies — so we can have a global, lasting impact. Across strategy, project execution, and ongoing carbon data excellence, their goals become shared goals as we collaborate to meet vital carbon-reduction commitments.

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Our People

With more than 2,100 employees worldwide — including consultants, engineers, data scientists, and financing experts — we have a breadth of talent ready to build the deep, strategic partnerships necessary to take shared ownership of your goals, co-create roadmaps, and deliver real outcomes. We embrace accountability and collaboration to help make your carbon-reduction commitments a reality, as we focus on accelerating decarbonization together.

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Our Values

  • Safety & Integrity

    Safety & Integrity

    We put the safety, integrity and wellbeing of our people, clients, and communities first.

  • One Team

    One Team

    We act as one to decarbonize at speed and scale.

  • Accountability


    We honor our commitments, empowering each other to focus and succeed.

  • Trust


    We build relationships founded on authenticity, transparency, and shared purpose.

  • Care


    We foster a culture of mutual curiosity, respect, and care.


We are better equipped — in terms of technology, financing and public attention — than ever before to deliver rapid decarbonization.

Marisa Donnelly, Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas

In terms of decarbonization options, there are clear winners such as energy efficiency, on-site renewables, solar thermal and selective electrification solutions, which companies have to scale more quickly.

Ben Moens Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA

More needs to be done and the time for action is now. A lot of plans are there, it's now about action and not waiting for someone else to tell us what to do.

Amandeep Bedi Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Southeast Asia

Careful planning, detailed analysis, and real investments are needed to translate goals into tangible action.

Abby Davidson Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas

Connecting sustainability goals with business-oriented priorities is a must.

Pablo Morales, Managing Director - LATAM

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