Energy Management

Energy management is an ongoing process requiring careful planning and oversight. Variables – including weather, technology, operations and employees – change constantly and have a major impact on the effectiveness of resource management programs. Without the right tools and resources, many companies struggle to devise and implement energy management programs, resulting in lower savings and costlier investments.

With Energy Management Services, ENGIE Impact’s expert advisers serve as an extension of an organization's teams to handle energy management tasks – from site audits to program design to project coordination – and drive savings back to the bottom line. Our advisers not only help benchmark sites and prioritize projects, but support organizations throughout program implementation, refinement, and reporting to achieve the greatest results—yielding savings figures to share with key internal and external stakeholders. With the added end-to-end support from ENGIE Impact’s advisers, companies can feel confident they are making the best investment decisions, ensure programs are running optimally and free up their time to focus on strategic initiatives.

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