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Renewable Energy Solutions

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Organizations of all sizes are looking at renewable energy to improve financial and environmental performance. However, the process of evaluating different products, markets, and risk profiles can be daunting. Renewable energy buyers are often asked to balance competing business priorities, maintain financial performance and satisfy stakeholder expectations. Integrating renewable energy into a portfolio procurement and risk management strategy can be challenging, particularly for organizations with large, geographically diverse portfolios.

What is Renewable Energy?

Why is Renewable Energy Important?

Renewable energy not only improves the environmental performance of an organization, but it can also hedge rising energy costs, open new revenue streams, and enhance brand value.

The benefits of a strong renewable energy strategy include:


MWh of renewable energy managed by our experts


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of RE will be deployed by RE100 companies worldwide by 2030

ENGIE Impact’s Renewable Energy Solutions

Even the most experienced energy buyers often struggle to integrate renewable energy into their energy portfolios. ENGIE Impact simplifies renewable energy procurement and management decisions by building upon decades of procurement experience and insight. Our renewable energy experts help you make sense of product and technology options, incentives, and complex market and regulatory environments.

To ensure renewable energy purchasers achieve their financial and environmental objectives, ENGIE Impact helps clients align internal stakeholders and develop and execute a strategic renewable energy program.

Key components of our Renewable Energy Solutions include:

Leveraging decades of experience in the renewable energy markets, cutting-edge technology, and innovative commercial approaches, ENGIE Impact solves the biggest challenges that renewable energy buyers face and helps drive long-term business value.

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