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Achieving ambitious sustainability goals begins with a strong sustainability strategy and proper preparation. As a trusted advisor, ENGIE Impact combines global expertise, technology and data to thoroughly assess organizations' current state and develop a tailored, long-term sustainability roadmap—and then make sure it is achieved.

Starting Off Right

In today’s digitally-connected economy, businesses, cities and governments face mounting pressure from investors, customers and citizens, and regulators alike to focus on sustainability. This can take many forms, from minimizing resource use to building brand resilience, mitigating risk to cities moving beyond zero carbon to focusing on public health and risk.

Regardless of the end goal, beginning the journey to sustainability can be overwhelming, especially when trying to set realistic targets. That’s why it’s critical to start with a customized strategy and strategic sustainability plan designed by a partner dedicated to seeing it through to success.


Clients Say It Best


As a recognized nation building project we have one chance and a responsibility to get this right as an ongoing example for others to follow. The focus on efficient and sustainable energy production, storage and integration with the community has never been more important for Australia and for us. I’m confident that ENGIE can assist us to be a world leader in innovative and smart city solutions.

Maha Sinnathamby, Greater Springfield’s Founder and City Visionary

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