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Sourcing & Supply Management

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When managing contracts and vendors for a large portfolio of energy, waste, water, and other resources, it can be difficult to coordinate across multiple sites and varying regions to ensure resources are being properly procured and optimized to meet the unique needs of each facility. ENGIE Impact ensures organizations have the right resources, suppliers and contracts, at the right rates, to meet both financial and sustainability goals.

The Challenge

It is a time-consuming and complex process for a company to ensure they have the optimal vendor mix and contracts across their portfolio of sites. Without the capacity to manage hundreds to thousands of contracts and vendors across multiple geographies, companies need a partner who understands their goals and can identify the best vendors and contracts to meet those goals, while also staying nimble and in tune with changing conditions to continually optimize their operations.

The Solution

ENGIE Impact’s Sourcing & Supply Management solution helps organizations avoid the risk of price fluctuations by ensuring the right resource is procured, at the right price. Additionally, ENGIE Impact helps to identify the right types of vendors and contracts based on the resources consumed at every location. With market-specific teams, ENGIE Impact leverages accurate and timely site data to ensure resources are being procured to the correct requirements—all at the right price and aligned with an organization’s sustainability goals.


clients across global deregulated markets


bid evaluations per month


points of current and historical energy data


experts with an average of 10 years experience

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