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Decreasing Emissions: Common Barriers for Value Chains

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Emissions Reduction
Scope 3 Emissions

Webinar │ Held July 6, 2023

Complex and global value chains frequently face barriers when attempting to decrease their emissions. Our panel deep-dives into some real life cases where companies successfully engaged their stakeholders to measure, launch, (re)design and optimize Scope 3 reduction programs.

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Recognizing business vulnerabilities and the urgency of tackling climate-related risks, companies are setting ambitious decarbonization targets that go beyond their own operations to cover the emissions generated by their value chain. On average, these account for 75% of a company’s total emissions.

The question is: how do you reduce emissions you do not directly control down to zero? Achieving such an ambitious target requires the identification of hotspots and a pragmatic approach to mobilize those supply chain partners that contribute most to your company’s Scope 3 emissions.

Key takeaways include:

  • Scope 3 footprint measurement and how to launch proactive initiatives
  • Roadmap definition and design, in alignment with stakeholders
  • Identification and implementation of transformative levers like energy efficiency, renewables and eco-design

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