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Solving the Implementation Challenge: Overcoming Key Barriers To Achieving Net Zero

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Decarbonization Obstacles
Net Zero Strategy

Webinar | Held November 8, 2023

Making a public decarbonization commitment is an important first step. Yet it is only: a first step.

For most organizations today, the biggest barrier to effective decarbonization is not a lack of organizational will, but the very practical implementation activities and decisions required to achieve meaningful decarbonization.

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In this one-hour webinar, we heard from industry leaders at ENGIE Impact, P&G, and Danone, as we discussed:

  • How organizations define decarbonization objectives and end-to-end roadmaps
  • The key challenges businesses are facing when it comes to implementing decarbonization measures across portfolios
  • How to integrate solutions, innovations and technologies that are crucial to the energy transition
  • Organizational changes in governance and financing required for success
  • Examples of projects that have positively impacted progress toward achieving Net Zero ambitions

To learn more on how your organization can move from Net Zero strategy to implementation, download our Implementation Guidebook.

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Malavika Bambawale Managing Director, ENGIE Impact
Hans-Friedrich Zeh Vice President, Industrial Excellence, Danone
Stephan Haass Senior Director, Global Capital & Energy Purchases, P&G