Climate Resilience

Building Climate Resilience Fosters Asset Reliability and Business Continuity

As the impacts and costs of climate change grow around the world—from wildfires in Australia and floods in Bangladesh to hurricanes in the U.S.—the urgency to accelerate decarbonization, prepare for extreme weather and build climate resilience is increasing.

Climate resilience is now a top priority for leaders in the public and private sectors, but they have been slow to account for climate change in their risk management and investment strategies. The unpredictability of climate risks makes it challenging to invest now rather than later. Climate resilience consulting delivers strategic insights to safeguard against the shocks, stresses and costs of climate change. Those that build resilience now will be better prepared to manage the unexpected in the future. The cost of doing nothing is formidable.

What is Climate Resilience Planning?

What Key Barriers Hinder Resilience Planning?

The maximum-efficiency model of modern production methods and supply chains raises an apparent tension with the need to implement climate resilience measures. It leaves decision-makers facing a key question: given the unpredictability of extreme events, is there a clear business case for investing in resilience planning right now?

While we believe the answer is clear, uncertainty regarding the severity and timing of climate events creates the following barriers to resilience planning:

How We Help You Create Climate Resilience

ENGIE Impact helps public as well as private sector organizations identify, measure, and respond to climate-related risks and opportunities across the entire value chain. We apply scenario analysis and assessments alongside advanced analytics and techno-economic tools to generate insights that establish a ‘no regrets’ approach to decision-making and strategy.

Disclosure Maturity

We assess the maturity of climate risk disclosures against TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) recommendations. Powerful analytics offer insights into disclosures by sector, country, market capitalization and more.

Assess Potential Impacts, Threats & Vulnerabilities

We identify the potential impacts of various climate threats, considering their frequency and magnitude when assessing the vulnerability of hard assets. Our data-driven analytics pinpoint and measure risk using climate projections and value chain emissions profiles.

Facilitate Scenario Analysis & Strategy

We build simulations of power networks to pinpoint assets at risk and create a range of scenario models to build resilience strategies that will drive the greatest impact at the lowest cost. Helping organizations consider the most relevant financial impacts, avoided expenditures and financing considerations can refine the business case for investing in critical infrastructure and operational agility.

Monitoring, Modelling & Metrics

We provide support to organizations preparing climate-related disclosures aligned to TCFD recommendations, tailoring metrics for monitoring and reporting on physical and transition risks. For utilities, we analyze the recovery process to limit negative impacts and properly assess potential financial implications.

Meet Our Experts

How businesses embrace opportunity in the transition to Net Zero and build resilience to a changing climate is crucial to the creation of long-term value.” - David Bekaert

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ENGIE Impact is helping utilities and organizations plan resilient, low-carbon infrastructure and managing the technological, financial, and operational challenges to resilient planning. We bring the needed tools and expertise to assess risks and vulnerabilities and increase public and private resiliency through adapted solutions.

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