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Resource Optimization

Strong energy, water and waste management is key to keeping costs and environmental impact low. However, deploying the right optimization programs across a large, disparate portfolio is complex. ENGIE Impact equips organizations with the data and expertise to make strategic decisions and implement efficiency programs at scale. We identify, prioritize and implement efficiency projects to help clients meet financial and operational goals while minimizing environmental impact.

Effective Resource Management Requires a Holistic, Data-Driven Approach

For many organizations, the biggest expenses are also the best efficiency opportunities: energy, water and waste consumption. But designing and implementing a holistic resource management program is a complex undertaking, especially when considering multiple resources and geographies in one program.

Changes in weather, technology, employee behavior and regulations add tremendous complexity to resource optimization efforts. This complexity makes it challenging to deploy the right technologies and evaluate their performance, which can delay adoption and reduce potential savings.

Efficient use of resources is a dynamic process, requiring careful planning and strong oversight. Without best-in-class digital tools, coherent methodologies and innovative financing models, organizations miss opportunities to optimize resources for maximum savings and sustainability impact.

What is Resource Optimization?

Resource Optimization Made Simple and Long Lasting

ENGIE Impact maximizes resource optimization to help achieve financial, operational and sustainability goals. Our proprietary method and digital tools deliver a site-level emissions reduction pathway optimized for unique technologies, defined constraints and individualized financing.

Identify Resource Efficiency Opportunities

ENGIE Impact collects, validates and analyzes resource data from bills, interval meters, building records and IoT-enabled sensors, with missing data identified and assessed. Data is then centralized on a customizable platform, providing visibility into the cost and consumption of a company’s resource activity at the site, regional and portfolio level. Our teams conduct on-site assessments as well as virtual site audits for larger portfolios, eliminating the need for physical presence at each site, which can be costly. With a foundation of robust and accurate data, our experts are best positioned to reveal resource optimization opportunities with the greatest potential.

Design Innovative Financing & Implementation Models

Our certified resource managers augment in-house teams to understand their current state practices and opportunities, build business cases and calculate expected financial impacts. We craft a tailored action plan to optimize resources and meet environmental and financial goals. Our team conducts interviews to evaluate current financial position, including constraints and appetite for risk to design funding models that accelerate optimization. Our experts screen available financing mechanisms (asset-as-a-service, performance, leasing, shared service, energy service and turnkey contracts) to ensure clients meet – or exceed – their goals.

Execute The Customized Program

ENGIE Impact executes efficiency projects at speed and scale to maximize program value. This includes RFP management for outsourced suppliers to ensure the best service quality, achieve optimal rates and reduce the risk of service interruption. Our experts enable stakeholders to make informed asset decisions, offering a clear representation of next-generation technologies and their evolving cost curves. This forward-looking and flexible approach provides visibility into the full pathway to the desired end state. We analyze resource data to identify, prioritize and execute programs to support end-to-end implementation and drive significant cost savings.

Enable Continuous Monitoring, Optimization & Reporting

Our market experts research and gather regional intelligence on regulatory changes in energy, water and waste to help clients understand potential business impacts, ensuring compliance and avoiding expensive fines. Drawing on an ecosystem of stakeholders, we train staff and develop internal procedures to measure and report progress while optimizing long-term resource efficiency. Leveraging digital tools, our experts can immerse themselves within an organization’s operations to ensure continuous monitoring of site performance and optimization of efficiency projects.

Meet Our Resource Optimization Experts

From strategy to action, ENGIE Impact’s experts serve as an extension of an organization's teams to drive savings back to the bottom line. We support our clients throughout program implementation and reporting to achieve optimum results.

Ben Taylor Senior Manager, Energy & Water Advising
Sébastien Wagemans Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA

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