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Climate Action Insights: Successful Implementation

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Pablo Morales Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas
Climate Action
Climate Week
Implementation at Scale

Climate Week NYC brings business leaders together to discuss a sustainable future and what it takes to get it done. Our expert Pablo Morales, Managing Director of Sustainability Solutions Americas at ENGIE Impact sits down to address climate action implementation.

Video Transcript

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What Barriers to Implementation are Your Clients Facing Today?

Companies are facing a conflict between long-term sustainability versus short-term operational priorities. They are facing challenges in supply chain management, talent, costs, capital access and incorporating new technologies.

What Can Companies Do Today to Overcome Implementation Challenges?

Operational sustainability teams need to get alignment on priorities and business operations. Ensuring governance and alignment on the case for change that links to operational priorities. Organizations need to understand and sequence their priorities to the implementation journey and manage the potential impact on operations. This includes leadership, talent, finance, and technology. In addition to managing supply chain disruption and aligning on scope 3 priorities through collaboration with suppliers.

Learn how to close the gap between your Climate Action ambition and implementation. Explore the Collection→

What Types of Partnerships are Helping Companies Successfully Implement?

Organizations need to accelerate their decarbonization journey to ensure success with proper flexibility, lessons learned, the right team, and the right expertise. Connecting sustainability goals to business priorities is a must from strategy to implementation.

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