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Climate Action Insights: Aligning Stakeholders

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Steve Kline Chief Revenue Officer, Sustainable Resource Management
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Climate Week NYC brings business leaders together to discuss a sustainable future and what it takes to get it done. Our expert, Steve Kline, Chief Revenue Officer, addresses how stakeholder alignment can affect climate action implementation.

Video Transcript

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How Can Companies Accelerate the Implementation Process?

We're finding a common trend here at Climate Week with customers that are working towards implementation — they are slowing down to speed up. In other words, they're aligning their key stakeholders within finance and operations to make sure they have the correct team members on board for large renewable energy and decarbonization initiatives. The key trend that we're observing with our customers is that they're taking the time to bring in key stakeholders from their organization and helping them understand how important this initiative is and how key this work is to the material bottom line. This is helping them drive real change through collaboration with stakeholders within their business.

How Are Some of Your Clients Tackling Their Net Zero Goals?

Our clients are tackling their Net Zero goals in two key areas. One is they're aggregating their global energy data. They can't manage what they can't measure. From those insights in the data, they're taking big decisive action in terms of renewable energy procurement. They're leveraging internal stakeholder alignment and external partners to identify the biggest areas of opportunities they can impact for their Net Zero goals. That's leading toward decisive action on renewable energy procurement.

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What Are Some Interesting Insights or Trends You Heard at Climate Week NYC?

Energy management, renewable energy, and sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly centralized within the enterprise. Giving control and power to the C-suite, specifically the sustainability officer, and allowing them more discretion and autonomy to take action on the opportunities that they see.

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