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What is the European Commission doing for consumers and what benefits adhere to the digitalization of marketplaces?

The ‘New Deal’ initiative aims to strengthen enforcement of EU consumer law in light of a growing risk of EU-wide infringements and to modernize EU consumer protection rules in view of market developments.

The following ASSET studies focus on the consumer perspective, whether it concerns supporting the active participation of consumers in the European energy markets or facilitating efficient data access and exchange.

Study 1: Consumer Satisfaction KPIs for the Roll-out of Smart Metering

This study aims to design a comprehensive framework with key performance indicators (KPIs) to systematically and transparently monitor progress and satisfaction from a consumer perspective and establish the success of smart metering deployment in the EU. It analyzes the effect of smart metering on consumers regarding:

  • Potential impact: considering that a certain action could have negative as well as positive impacts
  • Demographics, including potential consumer vulnerabilities: for instance, how to adjust information provision and smart metering services to address energy poverty and different levels of ICT literacy/ ability to use technology

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Study 2: Format and Procedures for Electricity and Gas Data Access and Exchange in Member States

This study explores supporting actions for delivering the New Deal for consumers as described in the Energy Union strategy, and the new Market Design Initiative under the “Clean Energy for All” Package. Areas of focus include:

  • The current system: data and technology for certain market activities, namely: switching, billing, and support for flexibility & energy efficiency
  • Formats, protocols, procedures and role models for data access/exchanges used in Member States for each of the above activities, as well as the reasons that countries selected one set of arrangements over another
  • The (near) future expected system: any foreseen updates towards establishing a single national framework

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The ASSET project provides studies in support of EU policymaking, research and innovation in the field of energy.

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