Known Gaps and Blind Spots in Corporate Sustainability

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Despite increasingly ambitious targets and a stated desire to meet these targets, companies continue to delay action to implement the necessary changes. How will they close the gap?

We surveyed 200 executives of large multinationals to better understand priorities, barriers, and key practices that accelerated sustainability transformation.

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Executives see sustainability as an increasing priority in the next five years.

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Yet, despite the growing importance of sustainability, there is uneven understanding of how to act at the scale of ambition.

Our findings reveal Three Known Gaps in Sustainability Execution that offer clear next steps for companies seeking to execute the leading strategies they value.

Three Known Gaps in Sustainability Execution

Three known gaps in sustainability execution

Fortunately, first movers have carved a clear path for success that others can follow. Our data showed large differences in the activities of those that have seen early success in their sustainability programs.

To learn more about the sustainability barriers and how executives can overcome them, download the report below.

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