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The Challenge

Critical to the current and future operations of Turkey’s largest bank, Isbank identified its need for a world-class data center. Understanding the unique resource needs of a data center, Isbank required it be a facility with world-class design and the best, most cost-effective flexibility for future expansion.

Based on the international status of the bank, the project gained immediate and high visibility. The 44,000 m2, seismically isolated data center was expected to set a new benchmark for all future data center facilities in the region.

Additional requirements of the build include:

  • Delivery of a data center that would achieve Uptime (Tier IV) and LEED (Gold) certifications
  • Delivery of a data center ready-for-IT within a timeframe aligned with acceptable risk

Experienced in innovative mechanical, electrical, and public health (MEP) services design, and unrivaled expertise in delivering energy-efficient data centers, ENGIE Impact was appointed as Isbank’s partner of choice.

The Solution

During this partnership, ENGIE Impact guided Isbank from concept to design to construction. By leveraging ENGIE Impact’s technical expertise, both entities were able to develop a solution that optimized operations, increased energy efficiency, and kept the capital cost low.

To achieve Tier IV and Gold standards, Isbank understood the proper procedures and policies had to be in place. During a six-month period, ENGIE Impact engaged with various stakeholders to help define the procedures and policies as well as roll out the implementation of them via the bank operators.

The Results

The partnership between Isbank and ENGIE Impact led to an energy-efficient data center which achieved the:

  • Uptime Institute Tier IV Certification for Design
  • First Tier IV Constructed Facility and Tier IV Operational Sustainability Gold certified
  • First LEED v4 Gold data center to be certified in Turkey

By designing the data center to be focused on energy and operational efficiency, Isbank’s data center is set to generate an annual energy saving of up to 1,460MWh/ annum per 1000kW IT when compared against conventional designs. Also, the designs of the data center took into consideration all the necessary seismic countermeasures to ensure continuous operations during a seismic event (M7+ earthquake) Isbank’s partnership with ENGIE Impact led to them developing a state-of-the art data center that reached their sustainability and operational goals.

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