Operational Efficiency Goals: Where You Are Now vs. Where You Want to Be

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Melody Swanson Vice President, Commercial Growth

I recently attended the Building Efficiency & Energy Management (BEEM) Expo, held this year in Chicago from May 31-June 1. Being around other professionals interested in building efficiency is definitely what gets our hearts pumping! This year we were thrilled for the chance to speak one-on-one with current and potential clients as well as give an informative presentation to attendees.

During the conference presentation, I asked audience members to turn to each other and ask a question: “Where is your facility on its journey to energy savings, maintenance savings, and operational efficiency?” Obviously, there were as many varying answers: some starting out, some in the middle, and some already seeing positive results from their efforts. However, their commonality was that each of them lies within these four solution-steps:

Strategize, implement, optimize and measure—all backed by robust data.

The same question applies for your facility. Somewhere between where you are now and where you want to be.

Strategize: Starting by formularizing your commitment to long-term efficiency and sustainability, your success starts with reviewing your vision, goals and objectives, developing a strategic plan, and scoring your energy and sustainability performance. Learn more about proprietary Total Energy & Sustainability Scorecard’s (TESS).

Implement: Next, leveraging tools, processes and subject matter experts to implement operational and behavior-based energy efficiency activities. Our approach is to work with you to evaluate the performance of existing equipment, prioritize efficiency and conservation projects, expedite the RFP process, and coordinate vendors for project implementation.

Optimize: Then continuously monitoring ongoing programs to uphold new standards, implement corrective action, and leverage learnings for future projects. With ENGIE Impact’s partnership, you can identify and resolve anomalies, develop employee engagement activities, and help develop operations and maintenance standards all while monitoring your facilities 24/7/365.

Measure: Finally analyzing your data could be the most important step. By evaluating performance results, verifying compliance with regulatory requirements and communicating program success both internally and externally. Our platform streamlines stakeholder value-reporting, supports project savings analyses, and reports out to ENERGY STAR® and the CDP.

These steps are critical to getting your company’s facilities where you want to be on their journey. Now I’ll challenge you: Where is your facility on its journey to energy savings, maintenance savings, and operational efficiency? Where do you want to be?

Many of the country’s leading multi-site companies have partnered with ENGIE Impact and leveraged some or all of these four solutions to meet efficiency goals. To speak to an expert, contact us.