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The Multi-Site Company’s Sustainability Playbook

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The Secrets to a High-Return Sustainability Program

Sustainability is in the headlines. Companies are facing growing pressure to better manage resources, achieve greater transparency for stakeholders, and produce significant cost savings. However, large, multi-site organizations have greater challenges than most —whether it’s long operating hours, struggling to prioritize projects, engaging thousands of employees, or even having to rework an entire business model based on changing consumer habits.

Many multi-site businesses have dipped their toes in the efficiency waters: a lighting project here, an employee engagement initiative there. But these “one and done” projects simply don’t deliver high returns and it is a challenge to convince the C-suite that they are worth rolling out portfolio-wide.

To make a noticeable impact on resource management—with a high return to the bottom line—it’s important for multi-site businesses to adopt a holistic strategy that includes operational change, capital projects, employee engagement and accountability, and full reporting and disclosure across the entire portfolio. But that can be overwhelming, and many companies don’t know where to begin. Wouldn’t it be great to have a step-by-step strategy that produces real results?

5-step Framework for Building a Sustainability Strategy

Good news: ENGIE Impact has created a new eBook with a 5-step framework for building a sustainability strategy—and seeing a high-value ROI—within five years. Leveraging this strategy, learned from years of working with 25% of the Fortune 500, ENGIE Impact helps organizations minimize consumption and cost across energy, water and waste, rally the participation of the entire organization, and answer to demanding stakeholders.

This Sustainability Strategy eBook addresses the unique set of opportunities and challenges across these industries:

  • Grocery
  • Quick serve restaurants
  • Casual dining
  • Hospitality
  • Large or small retail
  • Convenience stores
  • Banking/finance

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