Sustainability Transformation: The Role of the CEO

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Marty Sieh, Chief Operations Officer, talks about how transformation starts with the CEO and extends to the entire organization.

Video Transcript

Marty: New companies are coming into the sustainability journey and really setting their goals for the very first time. Those goals are being set really by the highest levels of the company.

At the very highest levels of our clients’ organizations, the CEOs, the CFOs, the Chief Marketing Officers, are all recognizing this, this critical change that's happening, really from a grassroots perspective.

Some of the most important roles that the employees play in sustainability programs is that their behaviors are critical.

It's not only about investing in technologies and investing in processes, but you really need to invest in people and changing the behaviors and getting their engagement in your overall sustainability programs.

We are seeing organizations embracing it, investing in it, but they really see the overall return on the investment. It's not just viewed as an expense or a nice to have, but it's really being viewed as a way to grow the company. And it's really mandatory in the marketplace today.

A sustainability strategy is no longer just a “nice to have.” Employees and stakeholders are demanding it. It’s essential that CEOs lead their organizations to the forefront of sustainability.

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