Sustainability Transformation: Drivers for Cities & Governments

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CEO Mathias Lelievre and Clinton Moloney, Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions, discuss the benefits of sustainability transformation for cities and governments for their people, economy and environment.

Video Transcript

Mathias: We are facing undeniable realities. Climate change. Resources scarcity. And overall, more transparency in this world, more pressure from everybody putting pressure on businesses, governments, cities to take action and really become sustainable.

ENGIE Impact is about accelerating sustainability transformation for businesses, cities, governments around the world. And getting them into action.

Clinton: Governments are prioritizing sustainability, I think, for three reasons.

So first of all, it's about the population and the people they represent and how those folks want to live in the future.

The second one is local governments are bearing a lot of the risk associated with the impacts of climate change that are already upon us.

And then finally, I think it's about economic activity and it's about jobs.

The Green Revolution that we're in the middle of is really about reprogramming our economy. It's about how do we source energy? How do we move? How do we live? What are the business models and the businesses that support all of that transition?

If you make your city more sustainable, it is in fact more attractive to businesses. You're more likely to have businesses come in who are then going to hire people and so on and so forth. So, the cities around the world and in this country that we see are doing well also happen to be some of the most sustainable cities.

Addressing climate change - the right way - delivers powerful economic and environmental outcomes. Let ENGIE Impact show you how we can help your organization.

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