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Sustainability Transformation
Carbon Neutral

Sustainability transformation is complex. Unlock progress at scale with the right combination of data, technology, and local expertise.

Video Transcript

10 years. Just one decade. To turn the tide on climate change.

More companies than ever are making bold sustainability commitments.

But less than 30% are on track to achieve them.

Many organizations have the ambition but lack the capabilities, tools and capital to transform at speed and scale.

ENGIE Impact accelerates the sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments around the world.

A strategic pillar of ENGIE, as it leads the transition to a carbon-neutral world, we work alongside influential organizations to improve their bottom line, drive growth, satisfy stakeholders, and extend resources.

No matter where clients are on their journey, we help them tackle their most complex sustainability and decarbonization challenges.

Here's how we do it.

We thoroughly assess and analyze where organizations are today and where they need to go.

We deliver detailed sustainability roadmaps and a solid business case to ensure company leaders are aligned on setting bold targets that drive economic and environmental value.

We don't just leave our clients with a plan. We're in it for the long haul.

Deep expertise, combined with data and analytics, guides our comprehensive energy, water, waste and carbon management services.

Design and engineering, paired with global project management, helps organizations implement optimal solutions across their portfolio.

Throughout this journey, digital capabilities provide visibility, insights and collaboration to pinpoint opportunities, track progress, and disclose performance.

Sustainability must be at the core of every organization's strategy and purpose.

For growth and progress, accelerate your sustainability transformation.

Right now. For tomorrow.

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