Bryan Long

Bryan Long

Chief Digital Officer

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As Chief Digital Officer, I lead several teams that are focused on delivering technology assets that help to further the mission of ENGIE Impact. We apply the latest in analytics to drive value, working to ensure that our data is treated as an asset, and create digital experiences for our internal and external users.

In what way do you and the teams you lead further ENGIE Impact’s mission to accelerate sustainable transformation?

The key to accelerating the sustainable transformation is through effective data access, streamlining processes through digital technology, and quickly assessing the data for valuable insights. Our Digital teams—which include SW Engineering, Product Management, Data Governance and IT Operations, including Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and Analytics R&D—ensure that we are applying technology in effective ways and considering the enterprise value of a coherent digital strategy, including data. Our expertise ranges from ensuring the basics are covered—like laptops and infrastructure that enable all our internal teams—to building digital assets that help to optimize our operations and deliver more value to our customers.

What does success at ENGIE Impact look like?

Success at ENGIE Impact is seeing the success of our customers in achieving their sustainability goals and realizing all the ways that we’ve partnered with them to accelerate that.

How did your background prepare you for this role at ENGIE Impact?

I have 15 years of experience in applying technology to drive business outcomes. I understand how to bring an entrepreneurial spirit into the organization that fosters innovation.

  • I joined ENGIE Insight in 2017 (as Ecova) as VP, Software Engineering and IT and then as Chief Technology Officer, working to support our leadership in energy as a service.
  • I served as CTO and Co-founder of Retroficiency (which was acquired by Ecova in 2016), developing a platform that provided energy analytics to commercial and industrial buildings around the world. That technology was a major disruptor of providing energy analytics and today utilities are requiring the type of analytics and user experience that we first developed.
  • At Volpe, the National Transportation Systems Center, I served as both Computer Engineer and Project Manager, working on maritime projects and helping to deploy maritime networks around the world and integrate them into MSSIS (global Maritime Domain Awareness Network).
  • I also co-founded and was president of Cadimus Technologies, developing hardware and software in the home entertainment arena.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

When I’m not working, my activities are centered around my family and whatever activities my three daughters are involved in. We love to travel to new places and explore for vacations.