Jesse Rebello

Jesse Rebello

Chief Strategy, Innovation and Culture Officer

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As Chief Strategy, Innovation and Culture Officer, I have the privilege of leading the teams responsible for driving ENGIE Impact’s mid- to long-term focus and growth. We work with internal and external stakeholders to enable growth opportunities, lead strategic initiatives, and support a clear company culture.

In what way do you and the teams you lead further ENGIE Impact’s mission to accelerate sustainable transformation?

Helping our clients accelerate their sustainable transformations starts from within our own company. By enabling our employees to take ownership of our mission, we help ensure the adoption of a cohesive and intentional company culture and are better able to advise our clients on their own strategies. We support the development of new business models/pilot projects for our clients, provide relevant market intelligence, structure strategic partner relationships, and manage the Impact Innovation Program.

What does success at ENGIE Impact look like?

Success at ENGIE Impact is about accelerating the value of sustainable actions for our clients, creating positive experiences for our employees and leaving a better world for our children.

How did your background prepare you for this role at ENGIE Impact?

I have over a decade of experience across a wide range of business functions and areas, from finance, operations, P&L management, strategic partner structuring, legal and M&A. This broad range of experience is crucial in driving value for such highly interconnected areas as strategy, innovation and culture.

  • I started with the company in 2010 and have held positions in origination & structuring, legal, strategic solutions, utility solutions and strategy. In 2015 I became Senior Director, Strategy and Corporate Development before being promoted to VP, Strategy and Corporate Development.
  • Prior to ENGIE I worked for Vestas in finance and operations strategy, after starting my career in tax consulting at a global accounting firm.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

I cook for family and friends, imagine new adventures with my son, and explore Oregon wine country.