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Mathias Lelièvre

Mathias Lelièvre

Chief Executive Officer

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As CEO, I lead ENGIE Impact’s executive committee as we execute on ENGIE Impact’s vision to accelerate sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments around the world.

In what way do you and the teams you lead further contribute to ENGIE Impact’s mission to accelerate sustainable transformation?

As a strategic leader with global experience in both the private and public sectors, I understand the challenges and expectations of today’s company leaders. They are pressured to improve their bottom lines, drive growth, satisfy stakeholders and make a positive impact on the environment. My teams are guiding our efforts to help business, city and government leaders understand how sustainable operations and policies can overcome these challenges and how to do more, faster in order to help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and reverse the impacts of climate change.

What does success at ENGIE Impact look like?

ENGIE Impact will be successful when it becomes the norm for businesses and communities to have actionable, affordable sustainability plans in place.

How did your background prepare you for this role at ENGIE Impact?

Since joining ENGIE Group in 2015—and before that serving for the French Ministry of Economy and Finance—I have been privileged to work alongside both private and public entities. I have always been passionate about solving energy and sustainability challenges that allow businesses to grow and cities and communities to thrive while protecting our future.

  • As President & CEO of ENGIE Insight since 2017, I have been responsible for driving our vision to help business customers unlock data-driven insights to achieve economic results while reducing resource consumption.
  • Prior to ENGIE Insight, I served our parent company, ENGIE Group in Paris, as director of its Green Mobility Program, where I harnessed ENGIE’s broad capabilities to expand the $400+ million enterprise.
  • As chief of staff for ENGIE’s CEO, Isabelle Kocher, I was heavily involved in strategy, communication and overall transformation of the company.
  • Before joining ENGIE, I served as advisor and then Deputy Chief of Staff of French Minister for Industry and then Economy from 2012-2014 where I was in charge of the industry, energy and mining sectors.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

My family and I recently relocated from Boston to New York City, so we are enjoying exploring our new city, especially the parks and museums.