Asia’s Net Zero Countdown: Manufacturers Must Make Emissions Cuts

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Amandeep Singh Bedi Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Southeast Asia
Asia Pacific
Emission Reduction

The Asia-Pacific has become a global hub for manufacturing, accounting for some 48% of the world’s output.

But with the growth of manufacturing comes its share of climate-harming emissions. In light of renewed pledges from 8 of 10 Southeast Asian governments to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, high emissions from the sector are no longer just a growing concern but a direct obstacle to the Asia-Pacific’s net-zero goals and ability to fulfil international commitments.

Amandeep Bedi, Director Sustainability Solutions-APAC, discusses the importance of considering sustainability in the manufacturing process with South China Morning Post.

gradient-quote Manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific must capitalize on green opportunities to decarbonize operations as an integral part of their competitive strategy. As regulators and markets take bold measures to implement net-zero goals, manufacturers have never been in a better position to accelerate their decarbonization journey. gradient-quote-right
Amandeep Bedi, Director Sustainability Solutions-APAC, ENGIE Impact