How Singapore and Asia’s Tech Sector can Lead in Renewable Energy Adoption

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With the launch of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, Singapore has set its sights on scaling its net-zero ambitions, with a focus on greening its tech sector. Putting commitment to action, the government has imposed a moratorium on the building of new data centers—given its intensive consumption of electricity and water—as it seeks more sustainable options.

This underscores the urgency for the region’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector to seek sustainable alternatives, to ensure continued economic growth in an increasingly environmentally-conscious Asia.

Similar to how the ICT sector has driven the renewables market in the U.S. and Europe, it has the potential to accelerate the development of renewable energy opportunities in APAC. The recent growth and proliferation of ICT companies are unprecedented, with Asia accounting for 52 percent of global growth in the revenue of technology companies over the last decade. Furthermore, the region is predicted to be the fastest-growing location for data centers over the next five years.

On a global scale, the ICT sector continues to play an outsize role in accelerating the transition to clean energy. RE100—a leading global initiative that brings together hundreds of large businesses committed to adopting 100 percent renewable electricity—counts ICT companies for almost a fifth of its current membership. Collectively, they have purchased just under a quarter of total renewable energy available, with demand only set to grow further.