Role of Battery Storage in the Sub-Saharan African Power Systems

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Joseph Dubois Segment Director
David Bekaert Segment Manager
Françoise Dassy Segment Manager - North, Central & West Africa
Florian Sparavier Power Systems Expert
Pieter Tielens Power System Expert
Laurence Charlier Deputy Director for Regulated, Institutional and Multi-Lateral Organisations
Basile Rosen Power Systems Expert
Renewable Energy
BESS Technology
Battery Storage

Held June 24, 2021 | Region: EMEAI

In a one-hour webinar, our experts highlighted that grid-scale battery storage in Africa would facilitate the integration of the increasing renewable energy penetration, increase the reliability and security of the power system, whilst high synergies with Hydro will act as long term storage.

Watch our webinar recording and learn more from real-world cases from recent studies:

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