Five Blockchain Use Cases: From Property To Sustainability

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Featuring Vincent Manier CFO at ENGIE Impact

Blockchain is touted as a game changer technology. But, without industry blockchain use cases, it will never reach its predicted potential.

The technology has already been proclaimed a potential saviour in industries, such as the supply chain, logistics and finance, or rather a number of use cases have been identified, but — really — it will have an impact on a wide variety of industries, in a number of ways.

gradient-quote To understand, and report on, the carbon footprint of an enterprise is a highly complex undertaking. But businesses must get to grips with it as quickly as possible, given that there are 40 countries that have either established or are in the process of implementing a carbon pricing system, which includes cap-and-trade or a carbon tax. gradient-quote-right
Vincent Manier, CFO at ENGIE Impact

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