Managing The Unexpected: The Integration Of Climate Resilience In Power Systems Planning

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Celine Ramstein Energy and Climate Specialist, The World Bank
David Bekaert Segment Manager
Florian Sparavier Power Systems Expert
Romani Fahmi Power Systems Expert
Power Systems Planning
Climate Resilience

Held December 8, 2021 │ 2PM CET │ Global Webinar

As the impact and growing costs associated with climate change are felt around the world—from wildfires in Australia and California to floods across Europe and droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa reaching record—high the urgency to adapt, resist and recover from high intensity, low probability climate events are increasing.

Power systems worldwide are directly affected by these ever-changing risks. Infrastructure planners and decision-makers will need to implement climate resilience across their planning strategy, but when? How? And at what cost?

In this 1-hour can’t miss webinar, speakers from the World Bank and ENGIE Impact shared findings from recent studies with the World Bank and Saudi Electricity Company and key steps to address resilient power systems.

Event Agenda:

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