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Less Than Half of Company Executives See Sustainability as High Priority

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A new report by ENGIE Impact appears to reveal that attitudes to sustainability are lagging among company executives – only 45% of execs who participated in ENGIE Impact’s global 2020 study see sustainability as a top or high priority. However, 75% believe it will be a high priority in five years and that excellent execution of a leading sustainability strategy will provide a competitive advantage.

The findings of the survey come at a critical time for climate change and business sustainability, with high-level organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and Bank of England recently warning of the serious threats that climate change can have on growth.

Despite the positive attitude towards the importance of sustainability in half a decade, the majority of company executives concede they are failing today – less than 30% believe their sustainability initiatives to date have been successful.

gradient-quote The findings of this report confirm that attitudes towards sustainability are evolving. However, while three-quarters understand it will be a priority in five years, companies must start now to capture the full economic and environmental benefit sustainability transformation can deliver. Less than one-third are satisfied with the sustainability initiatives they’ve implemented, and this poses a significant long-term issue, because it will directly impact on corporate revenues and profit. gradient-quote-right
Mathias Lelièvre, CEO, ENGIE Impact