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Corporate Water Stewardship: How To Streamline Water Management Practices

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Water Management
Corporate Stewardship

Saving water saves money, but it’s also important for people and the planet. Here are five steps commercial businesses should take to improve sustainability.

The U.S. water infrastructure currently faces two different headwinds: lack of investment in infrastructure modernization and the risk of a changing climate. A report card developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers found that there are an estimated 240,000 water main breaks each year in the U.S., totaling 2 trillion wasted gallons of treated drinking water annually. Additionally, climate change continues to stress-test our traditional water resources, which further puts at risk the long-term viability of water resources and supply.

Given these risks to our current and future supply levels, consumers, governments, and corporations must work to conserve water. However, the corporate sector can often overlook its influence in mitigating water scarcity issues.

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