How To Make It To Earth Day 2070

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The 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day on Wednesday is a chance to look back at environmental progress — and forward to the enormous challenges that remain.

The big picture: By many measures, the air and water in the U.S. is far cleaner than it was in 1970, thanks in no small part to the activism that helped create Earth Day. But the next 50 years will require leaps of innovation to address climate change.

The state of play: Perhaps the most significant indicator of just how far behind we're falling on climate change is something that, on the surface, would seem like a positive: the drastic drop in carbon emissions due to COVID-19 lockdown policies.

gradient-quote "What we're experiencing today is a warning of things to come. Companies need to reconfigure their business models to continue to grow while decoupling from resource consumption and delivering on the Paris Climate Agreement." gradient-quote-right
Clinton Moloney, Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas at ENGIE Impact

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