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How ENGIE Impact is Enabling Sustainability Transformations

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Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Transformation

As the CEO of ENGIE Impact, my objective is to establish ENGIE Impact as the go-to partner for large corporations, cities and public authorities that need support with accelerating the transformation of their operations to be sustainable, getting from commitments to actions.

The way businesses and governments approach sustainability has changed significantly in recent years as technologies have matured and stakeholder demands have grown. Organisations are ready to act, but are challenged with where to priortise efforts and how to accelerate their sustainability programmes to capitalise on the opportunity it is affording. I guide ENGIE Impact's development of digital technologies, services and talent so that we can help those businesses and governments.

gradient-quote The key is to get to action at speed and at scale because our world cannot wait much longer for a resolute decarbonisation of our system. gradient-quote-right
Mathias Lelievre, CEO of ENGIE Impact