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How Finance Leaders Can Drive Sustainability Transformations

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Jeff Waller Senior Director, Head of Sustainable Finance
Sustainability Transformation
Sustainability Goals
Climate Action

The CFO has the opportunity to lead the sustainability conversation by articulating the manifold ways sustainability creates value for the company.

Stakeholders, employees, and corporate leaders increasingly call on companies to meaningfully engage in the transition to a zero-carbon economy; businesses can no longer afford to maintain siloed sustainability programs. If they are to achieve their sustainability goals, companies must work across all their functional areas to design realistic and actionable plans. As companies shift to this more integrated approach to sustainability, finance leaders play a central role in determining their companies’ levels of success.

Companies that embrace climate action will undoubtedly face new opportunities, unfamiliar technologies, and innovative business models. Given their traditional role of providing the type of risk and reward analysis that informs corporate decision-making, finance teams are uniquely positioned to evaluate these new potential sources of value. But to do so effectively, they must be fully integrated into—and feel a sense of accountability for—the company’s sustainability transformation.