The Mine Of The Future: Where Will All That Electricity Come From?

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How will the mine of the future run? Many indications are that it will be electric. So where is that electricity going to come from?

Miners are increasingly turning to renewable energy as a means to decarbonize their operations. Critics argue that the industry should not be too dependent on renewables and seek out other measures.

When it comes to introducing renewables, the life of the mine and the capital cost of the renewable solution need to be considered.

ENGIE Impact spoke to Australia Mining Monthly about renewable energy technologies that could help decarbonize the mining sector. Hydrogen is one such emerging renewable technology.

“While there is a lot of investment in hydrogen research, there are few if any commercial solutions available. It becomes a bit more challenging. By 2030 we'll have more certainty with these sorts of technologies.”

ENGIE Impact has done work with OZ Minerals at West Mustgrave and Anglo American on green supply and hydrogen fuel replacement for hauling trucks.