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Could Disengaged Operations Managers Undermine The Private Sector’s Net Zero Efforts?

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A survey of hundreds of operations managers has revealed that 95% believe accountability for their company’s Net Zero strategy lies solely with senior leadership, thus underestimating the role they have to play.

The survey was conducted by ESG software provider Sphera, which polled 300 operations managers across a range of high-emission sectors in the UK, the US and Germany. Sectors covered include energy, construction, manufacturing, chemicals, metals and mining.

The results, published today (25 January), shine a light on key gaps between Net Zero ambitions and actions by businesses.

Of the businesses represented by the survey, a significant minority of 40% have set a Net Zero strategy and made this available publicly. A further 45% have set a Net Zero strategy but not yet made this public, or are in the process of finalizing their strategies.

Promisingly, almost half (43%) of the businesses have significantly increased their sustainability budget to achieve these strategies, by at least 20%. Just one-fifth of the businesses have either made no budget increase or decreased this budget.