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How the Pandemic Made Companies Rethink Saving the World

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Carbon Reduction
Climate Change

A CLEANER PLANET, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT — The sky is bluer than it’s been in decades, and wildlife is roaming the streets of shutdown cities. No one would argue those outcomes are worth the cost of shutting down commerce, but the pandemic is compelling companies to accelerate their plans on environmental impact, their workforce of the future and sustainable finance.

Lucas Joppa, Microsoft’s first chief environmental officer, says Microsoft is redoubling its work to reduce carbon emissions, water pollution and waste from its operations, and continuing to promote biodiversity. We’ve heard a similar message in dozens of conversations over the past few weeks with business and NGO leaders, including the top sustainability officers at Walmart, Starbucks, Nestle and General Motors.

gradient-quote Our own research shows that less than 25 percent of corporations are on track to meet their emissions reductions goals. There are still a lot of industries that operate on carbon, including oil and coal. They are operating with an old mindset that they need to say something but not act for real. gradient-quote-right
Mathias Lelievre, CEO of ENGIE Impact