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The Pandemic's Impact on the Waste Industry

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Waste Management

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, waste and recycling industry players are asking, “What’s next?” and “How is this pandemic going to permanently alter our industry?”

As Arnold Bowers, senior business solutions director at ENGIE Impact explained, the waste and recycling industry is facing the same challenges as most other essential industries that will continue to operate over the next few months.

gradient-quote To start, businesses must prioritize their employees’ health and safety as they work their pickup routes and interact with customers or other passerbys. In the long term, the industry will need healthy employees to drive trucks, pick up the waste and recycle materials, operate dispatch and support maintaining equipment, which ranges from trucks to trash compactors. gradient-quote-right
Arnold Bowers, Senior Director, Sustainable Resource Management at ENGIE Impact

In Bowers’ opinion, with the majority of businesses remaining closed over the next few months, COVID-19 will have a large economic impact on the waste and recycling industry from an operations perspective. These extended closures will result in smaller and lighter loads being collected, which causes fewer tons being delivered to company-owned and operated landfills.