Renewables Integration In Power System Analysis: The Way Forward

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David Bekaert Segment Manager
Luca Pizzimbone Power Systems Expert
Basile Rosen Power Systems Expert

Incorporating Variability In Planning And Operational Activities

Tuesday 29th March, 2022 │12:00 pm CET │Global Webinar

The energy landscape is shifting. Authorities, institutions and operators around the world are now actioning diverse sources of renewable energy as a key tool for promoting growth while meeting sustainable development goals.

However, electrical grids won’t be ready to receive the targeted volume of renewables unless additional investments are allocated to reinforce either transmission or distribution facilities. To meet security standards, system operators are faced with the limitations of deterministic analyses and their typical “peak–off peak” approach, due to the ever-increasing uncertainties associated with stochastic variations in load demand and power generation.

In this one-hour webinar, speakers from ENGIE Impact presented advanced power system analysis methods, such as a mixed approach in which deterministic as well as probabilistic calculations play an interactive role with the other planning elements. Highlighting key takeaways from two recent project studies, they shared their experiences on how system operators can reap the fruits of this method in their day-to-day operations.


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