The Rise of Green Tariffs in a Dynamic Renewable Energy Market

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Jonathan Lee Manager, Energy & Sustainability Analytics Intelligence, ENGIE Impact
Colleen McAnlis Senior Manager, Utility Rates Analysis, Energy Supply Operations, ENGIE Impact
Brian Ambrosini Manager, Government, Healthcare & Education Account Services, Pacific Gas and Electric
Renewable Energy Market
Green Tariffs

August 31, 2021 | Region: North America 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET

With this year’s extreme weather and significant regulatory changes, it can be daunting to navigate the renewable energy market. But, despite these challenges, buyers continue to set new records for renewable energy purchases.

ENGIE Impact experts Jonathan Lee and Colleen McAnlis, alongside PG&E Account Service Manager Brian Ambrosini, shed light on how corporate buyers can accelerate emission reductions despite these challenges.

During the session, you’ll learn:

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Jonathan Lee
Manager, Energy & Sustainability Analytics Intelligence
ENGIE Impact

Jonathan has been with ENGIE Impact for 12 and a half years and currently manages the Energy & Sustainability Analytics Intelligence team, which focuses on market intelligence and rate forecasting. He also has a background in finance and marketing.

Colleen McAnlis
Utility Rates Analysis
ENGIE Impact

Colleen joined ENGIE Impact 7 years ago as a Senior Rate Analyst and currently manages the Rate Analysis Team. She has over 20 years’ experience in the energy industry reviewing regulatory filings, modeling utility rate tariffs, and incorporating rapidly evolving energy industry changes into product offerings that meet clients needs.

Brian Ambrosini
Manager, Account Services
Pacific Gas and Electric

Brian joined has been with PG&E for 11 years and currently manages a team of account managers that support the largest government (local, state, fed), healthcare & education (K12, UC, CSU, CCD) customers throughout PG&E service territory. He has held previous positions in energy efficiency and has a background in mechanical engineering and business administration.

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