Sustainability: Get Used to the New Normal

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Sustainability Transformation

Once considered an added bonus, sustainability has become the new business imperative. This new priority has already altered the way companies conduct business. From marketing campaigns that rely on the value proposition of sustainable products, as we’ve seen Adidas execute, to HR leveraging sustainability as the new employee engagement tool, and finance departments (yes finance, you too) committing to sustainable financial practices, sustainable business operations now affect every aspect of a company. And while businesses are a key driver, governments and cities also play a crucial role in setting the new sustainability standard. We see this new trend of these institutions across the globe setting strict frameworks and guidelines for sustainable investment and finance, for example the European Commission with its action plan on sustainable finance.

This transformation is not contained to just the corporate finance departments. The financial industry as a whole is rapidly learning that adaptation and acceleration are necessary to operate in this new world that’s centered on the sustainability transformation.

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