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Impending Climate Crisis: What Can the Industry Do Now To Rectify It?

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Climate Change

The recent State of the UK Climate 2020 report produced by the MET Office, the UK’s national weather service, sheds light on the climate trends as climate change is already having visible effects on the planet. With excess warming, high rainfall levels, and rising sea levels, these changes are increasing the risk of heatwaves, floods, droughts, and fires.

Changing climate severely impacts crop growth and human health, and such factors can lead to extreme changes, such as people in highly impacted regions being urged to leave their homes because of impending climate consequences.

As scientists warn of even worse extreme weather if global temperatures rise and governments fail to cut carbon emissions, energy experts seem to have a few ideas up their sleeve of how to act on avoiding a climate catastrophe.

gradient-quote To truly transform the UK power grid, there must be better cross-sector collaboration among public and private entities in order to simplify the changes that will need to be made, particularly as it relates to the impact on consumers. gradient-quote-right
Mark Chadwick, Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions