Waste, Recycling Trends to Watch in 2020

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Waste Management

The waste and recycling industry kicked off the new year with a full plate, and industry experts project 2020 could be a transformative one.

The industry continues to respond to the cyclical impact of China’s National Sword and subsequent volatility in recycling markets. Plus, talk of an economic slowdown and the potential for new legislation and regulation in an election year, the impacts of increased merger and acquisition activity and heightened awareness of “forever chemicals” and their potential ramifications for waste management remain top of mind for industry stakeholders this year.

gradient-quote There are all these new kinds of monitoring technologies growing, and we are piloting these technologies today to figure out if there is a one size fits all or if there will be different technologies for these sorts of things. gradient-quote-right
Arnold Bowers, Business Solutions Director at ENGIE Impact