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Energy Procurement Services

As energy markets become increasingly complex and new technologies disrupt traditional market structures, more and more companies have turned to strategic energy procurement to drive costs out of their operations, manage risk, and achieve strong financial discipline. This shift is especially important for large, multi-site companies who find themselves challenged to source energy and manage price risk to support their portfolio of facilities.

Layer in sustainability initiatives and diverse market rules, conditions, and participants, energy procurement can be a challenge for even the biggest, most advanced organizations.

What is Energy Procurement?

Energy Procurement Benefits

Energy decisions impact virtually every part of an organization – from finance and facilities to operations and legal departments – so energy strategies must be transparent and built up from an organization’s core strengths. Energy procurement is an important component of an organization’s comprehensive energy strategy and, if done well, will help an organization save money, manage risk and forecast expenditures more accurately.

What a Strong Energy Procurement Strategy Should Include

A strong energy procurement strategy requires a holistic, integrated approach to energy supply decisions. It should consider both near and long-term priorities, market conditions, and established business processes. It also requires a combination of market intelligence, easy access to centrally organized information, and informative decision-making support tools. Ultimately, a comprehensive energy procurement strategy adapts to your business’s needs while driving long-term value.

ENGIE Impact’s Energy Procurement Services

Our energy procurement experts can help your organization strike on favorable purchasing opportunities, strengthen energy budget performance, incubate and scale new approaches while leveraging energy into a competitive advantage. Our team can help:


ENGIE Impact has helped us to achieve significant cost savings… this will make a real contribution to our bottom line and also gives us security of energy supply at very competitive rates.

Mark Wiles British Airways

ENGIE Impact is committed to fully understanding your energy preferences, processes, and requirements. We provide full transparency and a deeper understanding of your energy markets. By discussing near and long-term priorities, reviewing market conditions and advising on product options, we develop a comprehensive energy procurement and risk management strategy for your company.

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