Right Now. For Tomorrow.

ENGIE Impact: Accelerating your sustainability transformation for growth and progress.

The Need

The Future Can’t Wait.

Renewables are more affordable. Technology has made managing energy, water, waste and other resources more effective. And people are demanding that business and government leaders do more to protect the planet. But while society is making strides towards a sustainable future, it isn’t happening fast enough. Complexity in identifying and acting on sustainability investments mean that countless opportunities go unrealized every day—and so do their economic and environmental benefits. At ENGIE Impact, we develop and apply greener solutions to advance our corporate, city and government clients now and create a better world for future generations.

About ENGIE Impact

Collectively Better.

ENGIE Impact delivers sustainability consulting and services to clients across the globe. Comprised of existing ENGIE Group portfolio businesses that are leaders within their respective markets, ENGIE Impact brings together a wide range of strategic and technical capabilities to create a more effective, comprehensive offering for our clients—so we can take on their toughest sustainability challenges and they can see real results.

Our Difference

Go Further, Faster.

Resources, extended. Bottom line, bolstered. Stakeholders, satisfied. At ENGIE Impact we identify opportunities and develop actionable solutions that scale. Here’s how:

Deep data and analytics for quicker, more accurate insight

A multidisciplinary team offering unparalleled combined expertise

Roadmaps for global needs with solutions for local realities