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Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability transformation is at the core of what we provide to our clients. We also know it is a fluid, agile process. We can’t achieve transformation for our clients if we don’t work from within to set bold goals and demonstrate action when it comes to our own corporate sustainability.

We strive to set tough, data-informed goals and take meaningful action to reach them, faster. We’re doing our part to lower our energy use, divert more waste from landfills, improve operational efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency on our performance is important to us as well, so that you can learn from our challenges and our successes in our corporate sustainability journey.

As ENGIE Impact continues to evolve as a global company, we will continue to ensure that we set goals that will be the most meaningful for our planet, our people and our prosperity and update our progress as we move forward towards our corporate sustainability goals.

Building our Sustainability Strategy

Learn more about the process we went through to prioritize the goals that would be most meaningful to our planet and our business.

Building Our Strategy

Sustainability Strategy in Action

Learn more about the goals we set for carbon and waste reductions and the steps to get there and track how we are progressing.

Strategy In Action

Sustainability Disclosures

At ENGIE Impact we believe in transparent reporting and accountability. As members of the United Nations Global Compact CoP Early Adopters Program, we are committed to integrating the Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy, culture and daily operations.

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We are challenged to continually look at our own sustainability transformation and consider what urgent actions we can take to combat climate change, its impacts, and further reduce our own resource consumption from within. By making this commitment, we can better serve our clients on their own sustainability journeys.

Mathias Lelièvre, Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE Impact

ENGIE Impact In Action

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