What is Sustainability Transformation

How We Got Here

After the Paris Agreement was adopted in December 2015 and later signed by 175 Parties globally, there emerged a new urgency for businesses, cities and governments to respond to the threat of climate change for the future of the planet. Concurrently, rapid technology innovation and new business models are making the economics of sustainability more viable than ever before.

There’s no question that sustainability is a disruptor for these organizations worldwide. Like the transformations that came before it—such as globalization and digitization—massive institutional change and investment is needed. Organizations are putting sustainability at the core of their strategy and purpose, and no longer at the periphery.

So, the question is not whether the sustainability transformation is here -- but how can we now accelerate it?

Why It’s Urgent

Sustainability addresses all resources – energy, water and waste – that have an economic and environmental impact. It also extends well beyond traditional organizational walls to the entire value chain. An effective sustainability strategy is holistic, transcending the organization and influencing operational efficacy, product design, logistic schemes, digital strategy, brand reputation, employee engagement, customer engagement and satisfaction, and risk mitigation.

Sustainability investments that can enable significant economic and environmental benefits are going unrealized every day. Renewables are more affordable. Technology has made managing resources more effective. Companies are proving that greener strategies and operations create real advantages. And stakeholders are demanding that powerful entities like corporations, cities and governments lead the way in protecting our planet.

Although more organizations than ever are committing to setting sustainability goals, there’s a gap between those commitments and progress, which isn’t happening fast enough.

The problem is that most organizations do not know where to start to meet their objectives. Complexity and fragmentation prevent them from understanding where the greatest opportunities are, determining how to find and inject capital towards sustainability, and ensuring consistent performance towards achieving goals.

Leading organizations need to think holistically and strive for speed and scale. We need new thinking and new approaches.

It’s time we make longer, faster strides toward a more sustainable future.

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ENGIE Impact partners with the world’s most influential cities and businesses on accelerating their sustainability transformation to achieve long-term economic growth. The process starts with customized, tailored roadmaps to help organizations establish and achieve their sustainability goals. From strategy to implementation, clients receive actionable solutions to help improve the bottom line, drive growth, satisfy stakeholders and extend resources.

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