Renewables & Your Energy Management Strategy

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Top Insights From ENGIE Impact Experts On Integrating Renewables Into an Energy Strategy

A new leader in sustainability transformation is emerging: big business. Large corporations are the new vanguards of the environment and are rapidly expanding their spheres of influence in the movement towards decarbonizing entire economies. And the next frontier in a decarbonized future is a push towards renewable energy deployment.

Over $300B has been invested in renewable energy projects every year since 2014. Combined with declining costs, stakeholder pressure, expanding renewable requirements, growing installations and forecasted capacity, the time for renewable adoption is now.

In this eBook, four ENGIE Impact energy experts, each with over a decade of experience in the energy sector, discuss forces of change in energy management, the emergence of renewables options, the drivers of adoption, barriers to entry with renewable sources of energy and solutions to overcome them. Explore how to evaluate renewables as part of a holistic energy management program, considering both supply and demand-side management and identify key considerations on how to integrate renewables into a portfolio today. Readers will also learn:

  • The 12 key considerations in evaluating every renewable energy decision
  • Solutions to the most common barriers organizations experience when pursuing renewable sources of energy
  • Why now is the best time to integrate renewables into sourcing and procurement strategy

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