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Renewable Energy Strategy & Roadmaps

Hundreds of organizations around the world have established renewable energy and/or emission reduction targets but lack a clear path toward that desired future state. Very often, these organizations don’t have the internal resources to evaluate product tradeoffs or develop a strong business case, and they risk sinking precious time and resources into renewable energy planning that doesn’t get approved or is not set up to succeed. To overcome these obstacles, ENGIE Impact’s renewable energy consultants help organizations align key stakeholders around common objectives and develop a clear renewable energy strategy that will achieve short and long-term objectives.

How Do You Develop a Renewable Energy Strategy?

How Do You Prioritize Renewable Energy Options?

A common challenge, whether you are looking to make your first or next renewable energy investment, is knowing where to start. Renewable energy buyers are faced with many variables:

Renewable energy buyers should first gather data, analyze, and need a way to normalize these variables and identify the most cost-efficient path to achieve their objectives.


We take a portfolio approach and try to deploy [renewable energy] products and resources where they make the most sense, not only for the business but from an environmental perspective.

Eric Dominquez VP Facilities, Engineering & Sustainable Operations, Caesars Entertainment

ENGIE Impact Renewable Energy Strategy & Roadmap Services

ENGIE Impact's Renewable Energy Strategy & Roadmap Services are specifically designed to help organizations overcome the obstacles of developing a renewable energy strategy and deciding where to start. Our renewable energy consultants help organizations:

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