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Energy Savings as a Service

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Energy cost and consumption are critical factors that organizations must consider as they work toward decarbonization goals. However, organizations often have a portfolio of sites with varying energy needs and capabilities, which can make building an effective energy management strategy a daunting task. In addition to the internal challenges, organizations must also navigate the effects of the energy crisis which include declining availability and increased costs of energy.

Successful energy programs must effectively use time, capital, and resources while maintaining the flexibility to scale and grow with the organization. But organizations without this expertise could leave energy and cost savings opportunities on the table.

What is Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS)?

Why is Energy Savings as a Service Important?

The Energy Savings as a Service program reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to normal business operations, helping organizations achieve their decarbonization targets. The ESaaS program drives decarbonization through energy savings from synergies between programs, requires no CAPEX or debt for the partnered organization, and accelerates the energy transformation at the local level. Examples of potential energy savings projects include:

A key differentiator of ENGIE Impact's ESaaS program is our commitment to a degree of energy performance as defined in the client’s contract. The contractual commitment to performance removes uncertainty for the client and limits financial risk.

ENGIE Impact’s Energy Savings as a Service Process

ENGIE Impact utilizes a four-step methodology for implementing the Energy Savings as a Service program that helps bridge the capability, financing, and execution gaps that organizations can encounter.

1. Energy Savings Identification

We do this based on data analysis, site audits and co-construction workshops with local teams. We streamline the process by utilizing any existing audits and information available – we meet you where you are at.

2. Contractualization

Using a deconsolidated model, we innovate contractual and financing frameworks. This includes repayment via an annual service fee based on energy performance and economies of scale in financing.

3. Implementation

We implement your ESaaS program by leveraging ENGIE Impact and partner's local presence and ecosystem of partners with unique technical expertise and a deep understanding of the local context.

4. Maintenance & Energy Management

Once implemented, we monitor the site for the correct function and performance of the project. This includes delivering maintenance services for the installed equipment, active energy performance management and behavioral change guidance.

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