Sustainability Transformation

85% of Fortune 500 companies are making bold sustainability commitments, but less than 30% are on track to achieve them. Successful sustainability transformation requires a deep understanding of technical solutions, strong engagement with stakeholders, and a series of investments tailored to each unique organization.

Leaders Are Asking

What actions and investments are required to achieve our sustainability goals?

How do we build accountability across the organization to ensure transformation occurs?

How do we deliver consistent performance and achieve desired results?

Enabling Sustainability Transformation

ENGIE Impact helps corporations, cities and governments bridge ambition and action, unlocking the intelligence to accelerate economic and environmental benefits. We deliver:

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Actionable Roadmaps

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Scaled Implementation

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Resource productivity

Global Reporting & Analytics

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Actionable Roadmaps

We help organizations model a broad base of technological, economic and regulatory factors to identify the highest potential opportunities to achieve sustainability objectives. By building a carefully sequenced roadmap and capital allocation plan, clients will build a clear strategy that optimizes decarbonization potential and return on investment.

Actionable Roadmaps

Scaled Implementation

We translate roadmaps into commercial actions, rapidly deploying resources at the scale of our client’s ambition. We help clients design and conduct RFPs, orchestrate global implementation efforts, and build organizational competencies to deliver results.

Scaled Implementation

Global Reporting & Analytics

We deliver enhanced visibility into the current and future state of our clients’ organizations through a suite of digital tools that simplify the complexity of sustainability transformation. Our intuitive tools and dashboards help clients benchmark performance, identify opportunities, and conduct scenario analyses to continuously forecast and communicate economic and environmental performance.

Global Reporting & Analytics


Experts in Energy, Water, Waste and Carbon Management


Strategic Business Consultants


Offices and Locations Worldwide

Accelerating Change

Transformation at speed and scale requires decisive, coordinated action. ENGIE Impact was purpose-built to address these challenges that hinder sustainability progress.

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Strategic + Technical

Sustainability strategy must be grounded in technical reality. ENGIE Impact bridges strategy development with deep engineering expertise to design solutions that correctly capture the value of transformation.

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Software and analytics have long redefined how organizations operate, and the time for digitally-enabled sustainability is now. ENGIE Impact's digital tools and platforms gather granular and enterprise-level data and transform them into insights.

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Decarbonization investments often deliver sound returns, but can be deprioritized relative to other initiatives. ENGIE Impact both designs and deploys capital allocation plans that improve the economics to de-risk initiatives and make them happen.

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Global & Local

Successful sustainability initiatives are executed with a global lens while considering local realities. ENGIE Impact, along with businesses throughout ENGIE, can deploy a global strategy.

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Areas Of Expertise

Many of the solutions already exist to solve our greatest climate challenges. ENGIE Impact has assembled the world’s foremost sustainability experts to design and execute solutions in the following areas:

Clean Technology and Renewables

Evaluate market, economic and technological factors to design, source and deploy renewable energy, microgrids, storage solutions and carbon capture technology.

Resource Productivity

Minimize the use of energy, water and waste by leveraging advanced analytics and deep expertise in optimizing building performance.

Green Mobility

Design and implement end-to-end mobility strategies including electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, emerging fuels and transport, and advanced e-mobility systems.

Circular Economy

Use circular principles to build capabilities that advance growth while minimizing resource use and environmental impact.


Leverage proprietary frameworks to model climate risk scenarios, harden assets and systems and develop processes to reduce vulnerability and minimize exposure to risk.

Value Chain

Measure Scope 3 emissions and design high-impact strategies to engage procurement and suppliers, drive resilience and decarbonize your supply chain and downstream value chain.

Policy and Carbon Market Advisory

Design policies, navigate rapidly evolving carbon markets and develop programs to secure high-quality offsets that accelerate decarbonization.

Energy System Planning

Evaluate emerging technologies and low-carbon solutions for large-scale energy systems.

Sectors We Support

ENGIE Impact realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, product or solution, so our teams and services are tailored to fit the unique needs of each sector and organization.

Examples of Our Work

Case Study

Zero-carbon mobility in Santiago

The capital city of Chile engaged ENGIE Impact to achieve their ambition to develop a leading zero-carbon public transportation system. ENGIE Impact designed a masterplan for 100% low emission system with 6,000 electric buses set to operate by 2040. By 2019, Santiago had 200 electric buses, the second largest electric fleet bus of any country in the world.

Case Study

South American region decarbonizes with green hydrogen

A South American region engaged ENGIE Impact to design a 100% renewable autonomous power system for the nation by 2030. ENGIE Impact developed a decarbonization masterplan, which evaluated local economic implications, broad technical and feasibility analysis for a low-carbon hydrogen technology and detailed analysis of project costs to ensure project viability.

Case Study

GE Renewable Energy Path to Carbon Neutrality

GE Renewable Energy, a division of GE, engaged ENGIE Impact in 2019 to accelerate progress toward their carbon neutrality ambitions. Providing end-to-end services, ENGIE Impact conducted green energy supply analysis and procurement, on-site energy reduction and generation assessments, and implementation and financing. Field insights were then integrated back into strategy and business cases with senior leadership.

Case Study

Quick-Service Restaurant Saves $50M

Leveraging ENGIE Impact’s technical expertise and robust analytics, a cost-constrained quick-service restaurant successfully designed a multi-year roadmap, rapidly piloted new technologies and seamlessly implemented efficiency measures across hundreds of locations, saving over $50M through their Efficiency Matters program over five years.

Known Gaps and Blind Spots in Corporate Sustainability

Featured Experts

To ensure innovative, tailored and achievable roadmaps for our clients, we rely on broad and deep expertise across the spectrum of sustainability and energy topics.

Clinton Moloney Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas
Nicolas Lefevre-Marton Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEAI
Malavika Bambawale Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - APAC
Brian Carey Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas
Mark Chadwick Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions – EMEAI
Diego Ibarra Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas
Doug McMahon Managing Director - Sustainability Solutions - Americas
Ben Moens Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEAI

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