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Decarbonization Solutions

66% of companies have made public carbon-reduction commitments, but only 20% are on track to achieve them. Making effective progress requires a vision and a plan — and extensive data to make sense of it all — which is why we are committed to sharing the journey with you.

Leaders Are Asking

What actions and investments are required to achieve our decarbonization goals?

How do we build governance and accountability across the organization to ensure transformation occurs?

How do we measure and analyze progress, and integrate data-driven improvements?

How do we ensure we’re making the right investments, financially and with our people?

Solutions to Achieve End-to-End Decarbonization

A Comprehensive Approach

Too many corporate decarbonization programs are not seen as whole business transformations, and therefore fail to make the necessary progress toward their carbon-reduction commitments. That's why we take a comprehensive approach that includes strategic expertise across sectors and regions, holistic carbon data management support, and numerous digital, financial, and project delivery resources.

Graphic: Decarbonization Model
Impact Model Strategy


We focus on long-term goals, built on sector-specific expertise, and driven by an executional mindset — partnering to model a broad base of technological, economic, and regulatory factors that offer the highest potential opportunities to achieve decarbonization objectives.

Impact Model Implementation


We’re here to help integrate operational changes, update facilities, build internal governance, train employees, and more to take your decarbonization goals from strategy to reality. Ongoing accountability and collaboration ensures we can with you as you reach your 2030 goals — and beyond.

Impact Model Carbon and Data Management

Carbon & Data Management

Every step of the way, we collect, analyze, manage, and report the carbon, gas, electric, water, sewer, and waste consumption data across your whole enterprise so you can make informed decisions. By harvesting actionable insights, identifying trends, and highlighting anomalies, organizations can prioritizes the highest-return opportunities and solutions.

Impact Model Digital Tools

Digital Tools

Now is the time for digitally enabled decarbonization. We gather and deliver enhanced visibility into your organization’s current and future state through a suite of digital tools that simplify decarbonization complexity. Our intuitive tools and dashboards help clients benchmark performance, identify opportunities, and conduct scenario analyses to continuously forecast and communicate economic and environmental performance.

Impact Model Finance


Whether it’s through identifying available funding and incentives, or directly investing in your decarbonization solutions ourselves, we are committed to working with you to manage your financial risk and design capital allocation plans to recognize short- and long-term returns on your investments. We offer customized financing options to reinforce that we are, quite literally, invested in your outcomes.

Corporate survey identifies 12 major roadblocks to decarbonization and 6 key actions to accelerate progress to Net Zero.

Areas Of Expertise

Many solutions already exist to solve our greatest climate challenges. ENGIE Impact has assembled experienced sustainability consultants to partner with you on your decarbonization journey and deliver results:

Carbon Offsets

With rapidly changing market conditions, it’s essential to identify and secure both short- and long-term sustainability offset projects and renewable energy credits.

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Climate Resilience

Leverage proprietary frameworks to model climate risk scenarios, harden assets and systems and develop processes to reduce vulnerability and minimize exposure to risk.

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Fuel your organization’s fleet transformation cost-effectively from start to finish with expert consultation, planning, testing, and implementation.

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Green Hydrogen

Understand the opportunity and operations of integrating the fast-evolving green hydrogen into your broader sustainability goals with strategy, project development, and ongoing management.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable resources like solar and wind have unique benefits to support your organization’s Net Zero journey. Integrate renewables the right way with the proper roadmap, procurement, and reporting.

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Resource Optimization

Minimize the use of energy, water, and waste by leveraging advanced analytics and deep expertise in optimizing building performance.

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Sustainability Data

Get the visibility you need to make data-informed decisions, and the consulting support to bring assurance, confidence, and insights into your organization's overall sustainability journey.

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Value Chain

Measure Scope 3 emissions and design high-impact strategies to engage procurement and suppliers, drive resilience and decarbonize your supply chain and downstream value chain.

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Featured Experts

To ensure innovative, tailored and achievable roadmaps for our clients, we rely on broad and deep expertise across the spectrum of sustainability and energy topics.

Diego Ibarra Executive Managing Director - Americas
Mark Chadwick Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions ENGIE Impact EMEA
Amandeep Singh Bedi Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Southeast Asia
Marisa Donnelly Director, Sustainability Solutions - Americas
Ben Moens Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA
Benoit Hemon Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA
Bouchra El Hayani Director, Sustainability Solutions - APAC
Jeff Waller Senior Director, Head of Sustainable Finance
Sébastien Wagemans Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA

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